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The mailer went out Monday and as of today ( [email protected] 2:50 PM ) we are almost at capacity, 40. If you are not doing his mailer, I have to ask one question,”WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?

-Dr. Andy Barlow, Mississippi
I just had my BEST Month in 38 Years

David Chalfant, Fort Wayne, IN
Throughout my career, I’ve searched for an above-the-board, totally professional, turn-key system that works and can generate consistent, predictable results. And I finally found it. Dr. Phil Straw’s neuropathy marketing program is something I only wish I would’ve known about years ago. It would’ve saved me a lot of wasted money, time and energy. His program has been time tested to work. It’s easy to implement and the return on investment is excellent. Working with Dr. Straw has been a pleasure too. He provides training, mentoring and post-sales support for his clients. If you’re working with chronic neurometabolic conditions like I am, you owe it to yourself to check out Dr. Phil Straw’s neuropathy marketing program. Very highly recommended!

-Dr. Kevin Smith, Pittsburgh, PA
I hired Phil to improve our flow of neuropathy leads. I was running newspaper advertising for lunchtime seminars and having mediocre results. I even tried mass mailing with very poor results. The first mailing I ran through Phil’s program dwarfed my own attempts. We’ve had more leads, more people show, and more people sign up as new patients since starting Phil’s program. I’m not sure how he does it, or what the secret sauce is but the program does deliver as advertised. If you know how to perform an exam, report of findings and treat neuropathy patients, this program is a no brainer”.

-Dr. Eric Balcavage, Philadelphia, PA
I’m extraordinary grateful and thankful for your program, it saved my bacon!

-Dr. Chris Steiner, Colorado
The ROI on this is astronomical. I’ve done 5 lectures so far and it just keeps hitting.”

-Rob Kuhn, Virginia
The ROI on this is astronomical. I’ve done 5 lectures so far and it just keeps hitting.”

-Rob Kuhn, Virginia
Fantastic opportunity!

Dr. Barlow
Dr. Steiner
Turn $2,000 into $22,500!
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